Purim… A time for having fun! Our students and adult volunteers come together to put on a Purim Spiel – a musical and humorous retelling of the story of Queen Esther, King Ahasuerus, Mordechai and, of course, Haman! (BOOO!)

Our recent themes have included Hamilton, Dr. Seuss, and the Wizard of Oz. All congregants are welcome to act, sing, or otherwise help out. We read Megillat Esther (the Book of Esther) at religious school and our students dress up in costumes and parade around the sanctuary. We host a Purim Carnival for our littlest congregants… although some adults have been observed having fun at it, too! And before our fun and whimsical Purim celebrations, we take some time to study together for Ta’anit Esther, the Fast of Esther, through a special partnership with Hadar Institute in New York.

Purim would not be complete without mishloach manot – Purim baskets with gifts of food, drinks and other goodies! Our Early Childhood Program hosts a wonderful fundraiser through which congregants send gifts to friends, fellow members, teachers, or even the whole community!

2024 Purim Activites:

Saturday, March 23rd
Erev Purim

Ma’ariv Service with Havdalah and Megillat Esther Reading at 7:45pm

Sunday, March 24th

Morning Minyan including Torah Reading at 9:30am 

Purim Palooza

Purim Spiel at 10:00am
“Brave Queen Esther”

Laser Light Show at 10:45am 
Purim Crafts and Lunch at 11:30am