Brit Milah & Baby Naming

We are excited to offer congratulations on the blessing of a new arrival to your family. The Brit Milah (or bris) for boys and Brit Shalom (baby naming ceremony) for girls welcomes babies into the covenant of the Jewish people.

The Brit Milah is conducted on the 8th day after birth and it can be conducted in the synagogue or the home. There are numerous mohalim (circumcisers) in our area and we are happy to offer their contact information so that you can choose the right mohel for you. Often our Rabbi also participates in the ceremony, offering words of explanation and reciting the prayer to give your son his Hebrew name. It is also customary to have a meal in connection with the Brit Milah. If your event will take place in the synagogue, we offer a list of approved Kosher caterers who can prepare the meal for you.

While there is no fixed date for a Brit Shalom, many families choose to celebrate in the first several months of the girl’s life. The Brit Shalom can be held at the synagogue or at home and can be a standalone ceremony or part of the Shabbat morning service. Rabbi Rubin can help you prepare a special memorable moment for you and your family to give your daughter her Hebrew name.

In conjunction with the birth of your child, we welcome you and others in your family to have an aliyah (reading of the Torah blessings) at a Shabbat morning service.

Planning Your Brit Milah/Baby Naming

Before the Birth

Please let us know when you are expecting! Rabbi Rubin can provide guidance should you have any questions about Jewish laws and customs. If you know you’re having a boy, you’ll need to select a mohel (circumciser). Some parents like to interview mohalim before the baby is born.  On the day your baby is born, please contact the Temple. We want to be able to properly congratulate you and help you secure a time should you wish to hold the Brit Milah or Brit Shalom at TBAY. Also, be sure to contact the mohel soon after the baby is born.