What we discussed: Sh’mini

Posted on April 8, 2024

Shalom TBAY!

Wondering what we discussed this past Shabbat? Here is a link to Friday Night’s D’Var Torah: Retaining Joy in the Midst of Tragedy.

On Saturday, we discussed the reason for the deaths of Nadav and Avihu. Was it because they were intoxicated? Was it because they decided themselves to do something without permission? Were they in the wrong place in the sanctuary at the wrong time? How can we as human beings understand what God’s reasons were? What do you think? Here is a link to the Source Sheet.

On Saturday afternoon, Asher delivered a wonderful D’Var Torah on Parashat Tazria, the Mincha portion. You can read it here. He also taught about a modern-day prophet. You can find out who that is and what they do to make the world a better place by reading it here.

Shavua Tov!

— Rabbi Rubin : )