What we discussed: Lech L’Cha

Posted on October 30, 2023

Shalom TBAY!

Wondering what we discussed this past Shabbat? Here is a link to Friday Night’s D’Var Torah: Pidyon Sh’vuyim: Freeing the Captive

On Saturday, we took a closer look at the freeing of Avram’s nephew Lot. We noted that Avram rescued not just Lot, but also his family and possessions – and the other people who had been captured. We considered why the story tells us so little about those battles. What do you think? Here is a link to the source sheet.

At both services, we stood in proud solidarity with Israel and with all the victims of the Hamas terror attack and the ensuing war – against pain, against hatred, against evil. If you would like to see the supplement we used, you can read it here. And if you would like to watch our Kabbalat Shabbat service, you can see the recording on our Facebook page here.

Shavua Tov!

— Rabbi Rubin : )