A Follow-up to our Community Vigil

Posted on October 11, 2023

Dear TBAY Members and Friends:

Earlier tonight, over 300 people gathered at TBAY and online to stand together with Israel in the face of evil and hatred. We shared our great pain. We prayed for those fallen and injured. We prayed for a swift end to this war, with minimal bloodshed. We prayed for peace and security for all who live in the region. We are stronger together. We will stay stronger by staying together. If you were with us in person, thank you. If you were with us online, thank you. If you were with us in sprit, thank you.

I want to thank the people who helped make this service so meaningful: Rabbi Chaim Marcus, Cantor Jason Rosenman, Lesley Brooks, Harris Laufer, Bill Lipkin, Sandi Newman, Faith Racusin, and Lea Rajs. I also want to thank Jackie Schuyler and Martha Flashberg for managing Zoom, Harvey Brenner and Rodrigo Lazanas for their help in setting up, Soraya Suazo, Paula Gerber, Ellyn Margulies, Debbie Nadel and Paul Peyser for handling check-in, and the Springfield Police Department for keeping us safe.

If you missed the vigil and would like to watch it, here is a link to the video: https://tinyurl.com/Community-Vigil-Recording. If you would like to read the service, here is a link to the PDF: https://tinyurl.com/Community-Vigil-Service

Below is information on a Communal Fast that has been called for TOMORROW, Thursday, 10/12, the 27th of Tishrei. I invite you to participate in this meaningful endeavor.

Thank you for coming together. May we continue to come together to pray for the safety and security and health of body, mind and spirit of our many friends and family members in Israel. And let us pray for the safe return of each and every hostage.

— Rabbi Rubin

Ta’anit Tzibbur: A Day of Communal Fasting: TOMORROW, 10/12

We have a traditional practice for moments like this one: ta’anit tzibbur–a fast that draws in the entire community to unite for deliverance for those in crisis. This is one of those times.

We stand in horror as Hamas has taken over 100 Israelis and other citizens hostage, among them infants, toddlers, entire families, the elderly and Holocaust survivors. While political and military leaders are pursuing pathways to their release, we have a religious and communal obligation to stand up for the victims and to cry out to God.

Please join us TOMORROW, Thursday, October 12th, the 27th of Tishrei, for a communal fast day. This day has been called by rabbis and leaders from across the Jewish world and has been organized by Hadar (https://info.hadar.org/taanit-tzibbur). The fast will begin at dawn and end at nightfall. (According to myzmanim.com, in Springfield, those times are 5:44 a.m. and 7:02 p.m.)

Halachic information about spontaneous and responsive fast days can be found at https://hadar.org/learn/communal-fasts