What we discussed: Bo

Posted on January 29, 2023

Shalom TBAY!

Wondering what we discussed this past Shabbat? Here is a link to Friday Night’s D’Var Torah: The Danger of Controlling the Narrative.

On Saturday, we discussed Pharaoh’s conversation with Moses while the plague of locusts is going on, asking Moses to forgive his offense just this once and plead Adonai to remove this death from him. We discussed whether Pharaoh is focused on only on himself or if he means all of Egypt. (The consensus is that Pharaoh was looking out for #1.) Does “Forgive me just this once” imply that Pharaoh does not expect to have to ask again? And when Pharaoh tells Moses to plead with his God, does that mean that Pharaoh is starting to accept God as God as opposed to just the God of the Israelites that has little or no power over Pharaoh? What do you think? Here is a link to the Source Sheet.

Shavua Tov!

— Rabbi Rubin : )