What we discussed: Shabbat Chol HaMoed Sukkot

Posted on October 16, 2022

Shalom TBAY!

Wondering what we discussed this past Shabbat? Here is a link to Friday Night’s D’Var Torah: A Shelter of Peace.

On Saturday, we discussed the end of the first chapter of Kohelet (Ecclesiastes), which says that “For as wisdom grows, vexation grows; To increase learning is to increase heartache.” Does learning increase heartache? If so? Why? Does this motivate you or not? We thought that this was not the language of a motivational speaker! We noted that if you learn more, you realize how much you don’t know and that this is a cornerstone of science. We also discussed the cyclical nature of the world, that knowledge can increase vexation because we realize we are not in control. . What do you think? Here is a link to Kohelet.

Shavua Tov and Moadim L’Simcha! I hope we will see you tonight at Ever Simchat Torah!

— Rabbi Rubin : )