What We Discussed: Sh’lach L’Cha

Posted on June 7, 2021

Shalom TBAY!

Wondering what we discussed this past Shabbat? Here is a link to Friday Night’s D’Var Torah: Caring What Others Think.

On Saturday, we discussed tzitzit – specifically when our Torah says that they are to prevent us from following bad urges. We talked about the way tzitzit are a balance between the tactile and intellectual and that while it is easy to focus on the mitzvot (commandments) at services, it is harder later in the day. We noted that wearing them indicates we are part of the greater Jewish community and that it also brings the additional responsibility to act Kiddush HaShem (honoring and bringing holiness to God’s name) vs. Chillul HaShem (desecrating the name of God). You can read the source sheet here.

Shavua Tov!

— Rabbi Rubin : )