Shabbat Shalom: Sh’mot

Posted on January 8, 2021

Shabbat Shalom! Welcome to Sh’mot, the Book of Exodus!

Shabbat Greetings:

Torah Question of the Week: What do you do when you see an injustice being committed? Do you try to intervene? In this week’s portion, Moses is unable to control himself when he sees an Egyptian beating an Hebrew slave and he attacks and kills the Egyptian. While this is certainly an extreme reaction, the sentiment is clear – we must not stand idly by when another is being injured. How do you put this into action in your own life?

I hope we will see you at Kabbalat Shabbat services tonight (8:00 p.m.) or Shabbat morning services tomorrow (9:30 a.m.) or both.

Shabbat Shalom!

— Rabbi Rubin : )